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“As a Physical and Health Education teacher, volleyball, flag football and basketball player ,the stress on my knees is paramount. I am excited to be using this all natural product “JOINT XL” for pain relief from muscular aches and joint discomfort. After many years of using Ibuprofen, I am thrilled to feel the results of “JOINT XL”, as it alleviates my pain, with no concern for side affects from persistent use of anti- inflammatory . I love this product! “

— Sharon

“My 80 year old Mom couldn’t do the stairs anymore as she suffers with arthritis in her knee joints (and hands – they’re severely crippled). She began taking the Swiss Formula glucosamine and that helped her somewhat. It was backordered one day, so she purchased a drug store brand that didn’t work at all. She was exhausted and in excruciating pain by 6:30 – 7:00 p.m. each day and had to go to bed. . . . then I brought her some Joint XL. Within 4 days her pain subsided to the point where she was able to resume normal activity, including doing the stairs right into the evening. She knocked on wood when she told me she believed the Joint XL was working . . . and it still is – better than that Swiss Formula. She’s now another convert!”

— Petra

“I have owned the Nutrition House in Owen Sound, ON, Canada for 10 years. About 3 years ago we were introduced to Joint XL and it rapidly shot into our top 10 products in the whole store both in terms of sales and and customer satisfaction. I recommended Joint XL to 6 of my family aged between 53-90 all of whom benefit considerably from it. If they go off Joint XL for a few days they clearly notice that their painful, stiff conditions return. Quite apart from the proven health benefits, what has sky-rocketed our sales has been the dynamic radio interviews with North American distributor, Hillar Sorra, himself a glowing beneficiary of Joint XL.”

— Helen

“I started running marathons at the age of forty. I constantly felt joint pain and stiffness. X-rays revealed I had early stage of arthritis in both my knees. I started cross training to limit the impact and started competing in Triathlons. I was told about Joint Xl three years ago and it has changed my life forever. This year I finished by fourth Ironman distance triathlon and have never felt better. One more positive benefit of JointXL is the natural anti-inflammatory and I no longer suffer from Migraines. I recommend this product to everyone I know.”

— Colleen

“I wondered if it could do something for my knees and hips. I was on the list for a knee operation as I could not even touch my knee cap without severe pain. I ordered a 60 day supply to try. Well miracle in a bottle, it worked after 30 days of one cap a day. I have to be careful as I am already on blood thinners, but needless to say I can now crawl around on my knees pain free when playing with the pups and mobility has greatly increased. I would recommend this for anyone feeling the pinch of aches and pains.”

— Edward

“I have had knee problems for as long as I can remember. Being a gymnast, this was always very frustrating for me.

When our Interpath Representative visited my work (veterinary clinic) to promote Sashas Blend, he also mentioned Joint XL (the human equivelent to Sashas Blend, made by the same company)! I thought……what do I have to lose? I’ve tried various glucosamine products, which never seem to help so why not try something new?  I was on it for about 2 or 3 weeks, and noticed a huge difference!  While it hasn’t cured my knee problem (which wasn’t expected anyway) it surely has helped the progression of disease.  My knee no longer clicks when I walk, nor is it painful after activity!  We recommend people to look up joint xl at my vet clinic, as we know it works! “

— Brandy

“I have a history of back pain due to scoliosis and find that by keeping fit and active I can manage the condition. Two years ago, at 46 years of age I took up running with the aim of completing a half marathon, this year I ran my first full marathon. However I am aware that the distance I run per week may, at my age, create wear and tear on my joints so I decided to be proactive and take Joint Force and I haven’t looked back. I plan to continue running for quite a few years to come, so I figure they are worth looking after and with the help of Joint Force, I know my joints will be up to the challenge!”

— Jill

“I sat at a dinner party with Katrina and it came up in the conversation that I was having problems with the arthritis in my knees and nothing seemed to help. I was diagnosed with osteo-arthritis and told to maybe try glucosomine. I had quite a few stairs to climb at work and I was doing one step at a time, baby steps. Katrina explained about Joint XL and I figured Oh Sure’ this won’t work for me. Lots of times friends recommend something and it never quite seems to do what they say it will.

Well I was blown away. After one week I realized I was doing the stairs no problem, it is so weird that when you are in pain each step is a nightmare and when you are not you can’t remember that you were. I was blown away and thrilled at the same time. I love this stuff. Thanks to Mary and Nancy for introducing us. I never miss a day taking Joint XL.”

— Helen

”I wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with this product. It has completely eliminated my knee pain; I can go running regularly again, AND, my tennis elbow has also virtually disappeared. Nothing else that I have used has come close to this product in efficacy. I am amazed.“

— Dr Alex Sunarich

“Due to severe lower back and knee pain, I had to stop competing in Martial Arts tournaments. After one month on Joint XL, I was back jumping and competing completely pain free.

I recently won the 2006 Golden Belt National Grand Champion.”

— Sir Marvin Prashad

“After a motorcycle accident in 1988 which left me with 38 stitches, a severed tendon in my hand, and bones sticking out of my leg onto the tar, the doctor told me that I’d have arthritis for the rest of my life in my leg and my hand. I was 19 and I believed him. Almost every year since has proved him right until this year. After I started taking Joint XL regularly, I found that I have been free of the arthritis pain in my leg and arm. Further, I have not had any recurrences of the back problems I experienced from the degenerated disc in my upper back. This stuff really works well!Lastly, I don’t want to forget to mention that the pills don’t taste bad (they have a pleasant vanilla smell and taste) and don’t upset my stomach. I don’t have to worry about burping up bad smells.

Thanks again for such a great product.”

— Paul

”I hurt my knee running more than four years ago. In that time I have undergone physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, everything the medical field could provide, and every supplement or natural remedy available to me. Recently an MRI suggested that ongoing damage was wearing away at the cartilage below my knee cap. I was unable to sit for more than ten minutes without stretching my legs, I am unable to walk- cycle- or run leaving me virtually physically inactive. Any kind of strength training increased the pain significantly. No matter what I did nothing helped. My athletic therapist suggested Joint XL – and after three days my pain was virtually gone. After taking the supplement for two weeks I no longer have knee pain and am back to a full active lifestyle. I never expected such results and am grateful for having found it.“

— Rachel

“Since undertaking a cardiac rehab running program, I have encountered virtually every ache and pain you can get from becoming active for the first time in your 40s – up to and including persistent knee tendinitis. Joint XL supplements have been part of my regimen for more than a year, and in that time my knees have fallen off the radar on my list of sports ailments. With my runner’s knees, I once only sat in aisle seats at theatres – so great was my need to stretch my legs and alleviate pain as it flared up. Since adding Joint XL to my regimen, my knees have ceased to be a problem, and the middle of the row is no longer no man’s land. Since taking Joint XL, my runner’s knees are a pain-free zone.”

— Jim

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