Joint XL™

$45.00 inc. HST

Joint XL is the only whole food joint formula that combines key marine ingredients (New Zealand green lipped mussel, fish oil and marine cartilage) along with rosemary extract to naturally and effectively support joint function. Joint XL provides chondroitin sulfate, a full range of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), Omega-3 fatty acids and key trace nutrients that are important components of healthy cartilage.

Joint XL is the joint formula that truly does excel.




What’s in Joint XL?

Joint XL is a unique formulation that contains:

  • NZ Green Lipped Mussel – Perna Canaliculus (336.5mg)

  • Rosemary Extract – Rosmarinus offcinalis leaf (35mg)

  • Fish oil – Salminodidae spp (6.5mg)

  • Marine cartilage – Galeorhinus Galeus (115mg)

These components are high in Omega 3-6 EFA’s, vitamins and minerals and contain a full range of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) including, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Keratin and Dermatan Sulphates. Joint XL is available in a vegetable based capsule and flavoured with vanilla as well as antioxidants – Tartaric Acid. There are no artificial preservatives of fillers in Joint XL

Source of Ingredients

We at Interpath are concerned about conservation and the environment, which is why our products have a certificate of export (CITES certificate) from the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

All ingredients are sourced from non-endangered species. Molluscs are harvested from commercial farms and our marine cartilage is harvested from prolific breeding non-endangered species under a quota system. All ingredients meet strict international conservation requirements.